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If you would like to stay in hotels and have the Tour of Minnesota staff drop off and pick up your gear bags each, please follow these steps.  

Hotel Shuttle Form 2018 

Hotel Lodging List

Hotel Lodging List Large Print


1. Complete survey online


2. Use the Hotel Shuttle form or lodging list above

3. Select the hotels you would like to stay at. 

4. Make your reservations.

5. Add up the number of days you need a shuttle to your hotel.

 Mail check for the amount (#days at hotels X 5 = ___) along with the hotel shuttle form.

No need to pay for the day off if you are staying in the same hotel.   

Example: ​If you are staying in a hotel each night 6 X $5 = $30.

Mail check by May 1st to: 

The Tour of Minnesota

1339 Prairie St. 

Chaska, MN 55318


Willmar June 15th.  Camping at Willmar Civic Center

Morris June 16th Camping at Morris High School

Fergus Falls June 17th Camping at Roosevelt Park

Alexandria June 18th Camping at Discovery Junior High School

Alexandria June 19th Day off

Little Falls June 20th Camping at LeBourget Park

St. Cloud June  21st Camping at St. Cloud State University Fieldhouse

Back to Willmar on June 22nd for Tacos 

June 18th and June 19th Alexandria

Camping at Discovery Middle School

 June 17th Fergus Falls

Camping at Roosevelt Park

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1339 Prairie St. 

Chaska, MN 55318

June 20th Little Falls

Camping atLeBourget Park

June 15th Willmar

Camping at Willmar Civic Center

June 16th Morris

Camping at Morris Area Elementary School

Tour of minnesota

June 15-22, 2018

June 21st St. Cloud

Camping at St. Cloud State University