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June 14th-21st, 2019

The Tour of Minnesota

Planning out the 2020 route!

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June 14th   Grand Rapids Check in at 4:00-6:00 PM

6:00 PM      Meeting Attendance Required
Day 1          June 15th Grand Rapids to Chisholm 52 miles 
Day 2.         June 16th Chisholm to Aurora 43 miles
Day 3.         June 17th Aurora to Ely 49 miles​ 
Day 4          June 18th Day off in Ely
Day 5.         June 19th. Ely to Gilbert 65 miles 
Day 6.         June 20th Gilbert to Hibbing 35 miles
Day 7          June 21st Hibbing to Grand Rapids 42 miles 
Total:         285 miles. Your mileage may vary.