The following Pork Belly services will be offered for this event:

Tent Rental and Set up for the 2018 Tour of Minnesota
Take the labor out of your cycling vacation.  For only $400, we will put your name on a 63 sq ft rental tent, complete with ground cloth and rain fly.  The PBV crew does all the labor of set-up, take-down, and moving of bags (two bags per person) to and from the tent each day.  Each morning, you pack up your bags and leave them inside your tent.  When you ride into our next campsite, you'll find your bags inside your tent.  We can place friends' rental tents next to each other, no problem.  This service includes a shady social zone under our canopies, the use of our stacking chairs, and fresh-brewed morning coffee. (The maximum number of tent occupants is two.  Two occupants may share the tent and split the $400 price.)

Twin Air Mattress (Per person)
Rental tent occupants may use this add-on service of a twin-sized air mattress inside the rental tent.  This is a seven-night service, like the rental tent service itself.  We offer this service only to those who use our rental tents, with a maximum of two twin-sized mattresses in one rental tent.  This is a per person add-on service.  Each rental tent occupant can decide whether to bring his/her own sleeping pad or to use our twin-sized mattress for $50.  Our crew will inflate the mattresses and place them in the tent each day.

Cancellation Policy/Refund Deadline: Prior to May 16th, in the event of cancellation, PBV will refund 90% of the amount of services reserved.  On or after May 16th, PBV will make no refunds.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle Service to Hotels

$5.00 per day. Payment in advance required.

We will shuttle your gear bags to the hotel. 


Towel service $27 for 7 days. 
Chair rental is $15 for 7 days. 
(727) 457-6994

​Bob Lincoln - Ride Director
 C: 952-215-5056

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Book a 4 pack of massage 

Get a discount on tower or chair service.

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Towel service $27 for 7 days.

Chair rental is $15 for 7 days.